Graduate School of Science and Technology / Degree Programs in Pure and Applied Sciences / Masters Program in Materials Innovation (second-year student)

OSU Visiting Report 2023 No.1

The purpose of this short-term study abroad was to visit Goldberger’s laboratory at Ohio State University and discuss research topics, with the intention of initiating a joint research project as our research interests align. During my one-week stay, I had the opportunity to observe experiments conducted by lab members and engage in discussions with Professor Goldberger. While touring the laboratory, I observed a variety of experimental equipment. Large-scale equipment was organized and managed in groups based on type, such as x-ray machines and magnetic field generators. Participating in the coffee hour of the Center for Emergent Materials (CEM), which is co-directed by Professor Goldberger, was a valuable experience as well. This cross-disciplinary group focuses on advanced materials engineering. It was refreshing and stimulating to engage with students and professors from various backgrounds, such as physics and chemistry, as they discussed their research over a cup of coffee. On the last day, I formulated a research plan with Professor Goldberger, establishing a foundation for future collaborative research.